Friday, February 19, 2016

Bi+ Pride at HRC's "Time To Thrive"

Congratulations to Mary Hoelscher of the Bisexual Organizing Project, Beth Sherouse, co-founder of the Human Rights Campaign Bi/Pan/Fluid/Queer Employee Resource Group and Human Rights Campaign Bi+ Youth Ambassador Paolo Veloso on their participation at Human Rights Campaign's 2016 Time To Thrive Conference in Dallas Texas.

Beth Sherouse, Paolo Veloso, Mary Hoelscher

Below is a description of their workshops and speech
 Getting Bi+ (Pan/Fluid/Omni/Poly/Queer/Unlabeled) 
From the White House to Miley Cyrus, bi+ people are moving an agenda. In this session, we'll smash the myth of bi+ privilege, interrupt biphobia, and put our pansexual people in the spotlight as we rocket beyond sexual orientation binaries. You'll leave ready to support those attracted to more than one gender in your GSA (Gender and Sexuality Alliance). We'll highlight resources like HRC's Supporting and Caring for our Bisexual Youth and a guide for making student groups bi+ affirming.
Presenter: Mary Hoelscher, Program Specialist, Out for Equity, Saint Paul Public Schools, Minnesota

 Visibility, Stigma, and Support: A Conversation with Bi+ Youth 
Human Rights Campaign Foundation
This workshop will explore how issues of visibility and stigma affect young people who identify as bisexual, queer, pansexual, or similar ("Bi+"), and what peers and adults can do to support these youth. Presenters will draw on psychological and sociological research to explain how experiences like "passing for straight," exclusion by both straight and gay/lesbian peers, and a distinct coming-out process can affect Bi+ youths' well-being. They will then invite Bi+ youth attendees to brainstorm strategies for making LGBTQ youth settings fully Bi+-inclusive.
Presenters: Beth Sherouse, PhD, Senior Content Manager, Human Rights Campaign Foundation; Paolo Veloso, HRC Youth Ambassador

 HRC Youth Ambassador Paolo Veloso speaks about the importance
 of bisexual visibility and inclusion

Special thanks to HRC's Vincent Pompeii and Dr. Mimi Hoang, Loyola Marymount University for their support of bi+ youth voices.