Thursday, February 18, 2016

The bisexual community mourns the loss of Nick Hawkins

The Bisexual Community mourns the loss of Nick Hawkins of Dora, Alabama
Nick Hawkins, rest in peace

Nick Hawkins disappeared Saturday night, February 14th, after calling his mother and reporting "someone is trying to kill me" That was the last contact from him. His car was found Sunday morning outside a residence. According to AL, on Tuesday evening a body was discovered wrapped in covering in Walker County at an “illegal dump site.” The body was discovered after the police responded to a tip and found the body in a wooded area less than a few hundred feet from the road. Authorities confirmed on Wednesday that this was the body of Nick Hawkins.

Nick was out and proud at school about being bisexual. Although not enough information has been released to know if this was an act of violence due to his sexual orientation, it is important to note statistics show biphobia plays a big part in bullying and violence.

It's equally important to note the bisexual erasure in several articles reporting on Nick, that don't include his orientation. Buzzfeed did state that Nick was bisexual in their article, but neglected to include that in the headline. Nick's orientation mattered to him, and his loss is certainly a headline for our entire community.

It is important to refer to the bisexual identities of people lost to violence, but sadly this has not been the case historically. This leads to the frequent impression that bisexuals are not victims of discrimination and violence, when we very much are.

BiNet USA sends its deepest condolences to the Hawkins family, to Nick's friends and to all the communities Nick called home.