Saturday, April 30, 2016

On what BiNet USA uses funding for, and why we so desperately need more

Image Credit: via Miles the Bisexual on Facebook
Image Caption: meme image by confide-nemini that says "I've read the argument that it "doesn't matter" that bi organizations get little to no funding because the money given to gay and lesbian organizations will "trickle down" to help bi people and uh, thanks gay Ronald Reagan but your shifty opinion on this isn't fucking needed while our community is suffering right now."
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BiNet USA uses funding to create conferences, retreats and events for the millions of bisexuals in the U.S.

We use funding to create life sustaining and saving online resources for a community that is often isolated and kept apart from each other.

We use funding to educate the public about bisexuality and increase the cultural acceptance of bi, pan, fluid, queer (bi+) people.

We use funding to track discrimination against bi people, and help others understand how it can be similar or different to what our gay, lesbian and straight peers experience.

We use funding to influence and develop public policies on the local, state and federal level that too often leave out specific protections for bi people, most recently bi+ immigrants and asylum seekers abroad.

We use funding to create bridges with other communities bisexual+ people call home like trans*, intersex, asexual, poly, kink, and/or leather communities.

We use funding to create bisexual intersectional safe spaces for bi people of color and LGBTQIA people of color to organize in.

We use funding to help train new leaders, stay connected with them via and help support and incubate their work.

We use funding to train LGBT centers, organizations and service providers across the country in bisexual cultural competency so they know better how to serve the B in LGBT.

Total funding for BiNet USA to do ALL THAT in 2015 was $34k. 
With not a single PAID STAFFER. 

We do a lot with very little, but with more we could do more. Please consider donating:

$34k was a huge increase from $0 the years prior, but we should be angry we are relegated to last at every funding opportunity. The image posted by Miles the Bisexual is a great example of the rage our community has at being left behind, to be beat, sexually assaulted, die of suicide or be murdered.

BiNet USA also uses funding to raise money to hospice bi people, and pay for their funerals or cremation. On many of the worst days ever for bi+ people, we are their last chance or their last stand.

We are the ones who remember and call their names till we haven't a breath left because they are not here anymore to breathe. Thinking of you Chastity, Nick, Andre, Blake, Alyssa, Mandy, Taylor, Adam, Theo, Michael, Ibrahim Baba, and too many more, may they rest in peace and power.

I think our community is ready to march, protest and take action against the funding appropriation that has plagued us. Even as funders remark on what's next and don't include us, we can make plans to help them remember.

I hope we are exploring every option to battle funding discrimination against bi+ people and I thank you for your post and others, Miles The Bisexual.

Big bi hugs,
Faith Cheltenham, BiNet USA President

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