Tuesday, May 24, 2016

LGBTQ #MentalHealthMonth Twitter Storm 5/25/16 3-4pm ET

Image Caption: Image of a person with their head in their hands alongside the National LGBTQ Task Force logo and information about the #MentalHealthMonth TwitterStorm. 
Image Credit: The National LGBTQ Task Force

Please join us & @thetaskforce on May 25, 3pm-4pm ET for an LGBTQ #MentalHealthMonth Twitter Storm! 

Below are some sample tweets created around bisexuality!

#Bi+ women report staggeringly high rates of depression, anxiety, and traumatic distress #MentalHealthMonth [attach a bisexual graphic]

We need more support for and research on mental health of bi people. #MentalHealthMonth [attach a bisexual graphic]

Bi+ youth & adults have v. high risk of suicidal thoughts & attempts. #MentalHealthMonth [attach a bisexual graphic]

Nearly 25% of bisexual adults report attempting suicide. #MentalHealthMonth [attach a bisexual graphic]

Bisexual Graphics

Image Captions: 2 images from the Movement Advancement Project "Understanding Issues Facing Bisexual Americans Report" that shows health disparities for bisexual people. 
Image Credit: Movement Advancement Project

Image Caption: Image of hand outstretched in the rain that says "In a longitudinal study, the percentage of participants reporting suicide attempts declined in every other group of youths except the bisexual group." #bham #bihealthmonth
Image Credit: www.bihealthmonth.org