Thursday, July 14, 2016

Announcing The Bi Stories Project

The Bi Stories Project

BiNet USA is working to collect stories from people who believe in the values of hard work, freedom and opportunity — and agree it’s time to end discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people nationwide. We are focusing on stories of discrimination against bi people.  Why?
  • Because studies show that bisexual people are vulnerable to poverty, discrimination, and poor physical and mental health outcomes — often at rates higher than their lesbian and gay people.
  • Because 44% of bisexual youth report thinking about suicide each month, compared to 33% of LGBTQ students and 7% of straight youth. Bisexual youth are also at elevated risk of attempting to die by suicide, with more than 21% reporting that they had made at least one attempt during the prior year.
  • Because 25% of bisexual men and 30% of bisexual women live in poverty, compared to 20% of gay men and 23% of lesbians.
  • Because 20% of bisexual people report experiencing a negative employment decision based on their sexual orientation and nearly 60% say they have heard biphobic jokes or comments in their workplace, making it a hostile work environment.
Yet, even though bisexual people make up more than one-half of the lesbian, gay and bisexual population, our stories of discrimination rarely appear in the media or in testimony before legislative committees.  We need to educate the general public, policymakers and mobilize the bi community and our allies to demand change.
This project is designed to start fixing this shameful reality by putting a spotlight on the real stories of discrimination bi people face every day. We need your help to do this!
If you are bi, a parent of a bi person or sibling, aunts/uncle or grandparents of a bi person and you or your bi relative has experienced discrimination because of sexual orientation, your voice matters and we want to hear from you!