Saturday, July 02, 2016

New York City adopts ​gender-neutral bathrooms

New York City adopts ​gender-neutral bathrooms

June 28, 2016- Single-occupancy restrooms at restaurants, bars and other public places in New York City will all be gender-neutral under a new law signed Tuesday by Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The bill, which requires that "men" and "women" signs on single-stall restrooms be replaced with ones indicating they are unisex, is "yet another step toward becoming a place where all can live with dignity, free from fear and free from judgment," the mayor said.

Bryan John Ellicott, BiNet USA Board Member and Supervisor for Runaway Homeless Youth Drop In Services at The Door , who was instrumental in bringing this to fruition, reports on  New York City adopting gender-neutral bathrooms

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Bryan attends historic signing
Photo credit:Bryan John Ellicott


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