Sunday, July 03, 2016

Pride 2016 LGBT Reception at the White House

Our Bi+ and Trans folks attend Pride 2016 LGBT Reception at the White House

This Year’s Pride month brought us this this historic event hosted by The White House. We are so excited and encouraged to see representation of of our diverse and beautiful community in attendance.
(June 09, 2016)

andrea and Monica at the white house.jpg
Bisexual/Trans Activist Andrea Jenkins and Trans activist Monica Roberts (Transgriot)
Photo Credit: Andrea Jenkins

fiona tangi robyn photo by fiona.jpg
Tangela Roberts M.S
Robyn Ochs
Fiona Dawson
Photo Credit: Fiona Dawson

hayden l mora angelica ross andrea jenkins photo by andrea.jpg
Hayden L Mora (Trans United Fund) Angelica Ross(C.E.O. at Trans Tech Social Enterprises) Andrea Jenkins (Trans Oral Historian at University of Minnesota)
Photo Credit: Andrea Jenkins

tangi and robyn photo by robyn.jpg
Tangela Roberts and Robyn Ochs
Photo Credit: Robyn Ochs

Interview With Robyn Ochs

Keynote Andrea Jenkins at BECAUSE 2015

Fiona Dawson And Trans Military Project

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Trans United Fund: New organization will fight for transgender rights

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