Thursday, October 27, 2016

Happy Intersex and Asexual Awareness Weeks!

Did you know that #biweek and Celebrate Bisexuality Day, the international day of #bipride, is also part of intersex history too? Ladyboy GG, also known as GG Raven Wilbur, is an intersex and bi elder who worked alongside BiNet USA's Wendy Curry and Michael Page to create both Celebrate Bisexuality Day and the Bisexual Pride Flag. On behalf of GG and so many bi+ intersex people, BiNet USA sends warm congratulations to intersex advocates on the 20th anniversary of Intersex Awareness Day. Learn more about the intersex community and "intersextionality" in this week's BiCast podcast with Sean Saifa Wall and BiNet USA President Faith Cheltenham as part of BiNet USA's Black History Month All Year Long series!

CBD and #bipride flag co-founders in 1999

Did you know that #biweek is also a part of asexual history too? Although the first ever #biweek occurred at University of California, Davis all the way back in 2008, national bi organizers didn't consider launching a bisexual awareness week to fall alongside Celebrate Bisexuality Day until after the emergence of Asexual Awareness Week, founded by bi+ ace rockstar Sara Beth Brooks. Learn more about the asexual community in this week's #aceweek BiCast podcast with Sara Beth Brooks and trans ace cartoonist Dylan Edwards!

#aceweek founder Sara Beth Brooks

Did you know that many bi, pan, fluid, queer (bi+) people, like BiNet USA President Faith Cheltenham, identify as bi+ intersex? Or leaders like The BiCast's own Lynnette McFadzen identify as bi+asexual? As time goes bi, more members of bi, trans, intersex and ace ("BITA") communities find we have much in common whether it be the erasure of our contributions from "gay history", lack of awareness of the violence that has been visited upon us by the state, or the very real lack of specific resources designed to save, and keep safe, bi+, trans, ace, and intersex lives. As well, our communities share many leaders, mentors, and supportive allies who believe that none of us are free, unless we all are.

BiNet USA applauds the many LGBTQIA institutions like the National LGBTQ Task Force who have acknowledged ace and intersex communities, including the historic efforts of the United Nations just this week. Check out the video below and learn more about the campaign here.

Learn more about intersex and asexual communities at the links below.