Thursday, October 27, 2016

Help a Native bi writer get to Standing Rock

Caption: Image of native people protecting water with #bipride flag colors and BiNet USA logo alongside words that say BINET USA STANDS IN SOLIDARITY WITH STANDINGROCK.ORG / NODAPL.ORG. Photo Credit: Deborah Atwater/BiNet USA
Photo Credit: Deborah Atwater/BiNet USA


I a citizen of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma and a Native, Bisexual, Disabled journalist. It is crucial that Native People are able to tell our stories to the world in our own voices, especially for Native Women and LGBTQ Two Spirit Natives. I'm reaching out to you for emergency financial support to travel to Standing Rock in Cannonball, ND to report the news from the front lines against the Dakota Access Pipeline.  
The Dakota Access Pipeline has been covered well in Native media, but most of the mainstream media coverage that has occurred, has been primarily by non-Native journalists who often have been unwilling to avoid utilizing racist tropes, misinformation and anti-Native sentiment in their reporting. As a Native Woman, it is my duty to stand with my relations to protect the water, but also to report to the human rights violations that are occurring there. Our realities must be told to the world and they must be told by us. 
Because I'm a freelance writer I do not have the financial support that some journalists have. I'm asking the greater community to help me make this mission a reality by making donations and sharing my request with your friends and community.  
Examples of what your donations will be used for: 
  • Travel expenses (car rental, gas, tolls)
  • Food 
  • Water (Water has been cut off at the camps so all water has to be brought in)
  • Subzero cold weather camping supplies (For example: Tent, sleeping bag, small heater, hand warmers) 
  • Medical supplies in case of injury 
  • Solar chargers for my phone and laptop in order to report the news 

Photo of Jen Deerinwater wearing a red top and looking very interested in telling you more the experiences of Native disabled bi women like her.
Jen Deerinwater
Any amount you are able to give is greatly appreciated and goes a long way to making this a reality. You can read some of my published work on Wear Your Voice, The Establishment, and Autostraddle.  
Wado! Mni Wiconi!
Thank you! Water is Life!  
Jen Deerinwater
BiNet USA has sent bisexual and pansexual pride flags to Jen Deerinwater to take with her to Standing Rock. Please consider donating or sharing this request widely.