Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Support Bisexual Advocacy

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Dear BiNet Supporters,

In the past eight years, BiNet USA and other bisexual advocates have fought hard for increased visibility in national politics and social justice movements. On several occasions, bi+ community leaders have been invited to President Obama’s White House to speak with administration officials and make our concerns known. As the most LGBTQ-friendly presidential administration in American history comes to an end, and an openly hostile administration takes over, our fight for equality and justice may look different, but it certainly won’t stop.

As we collectively mourn the outcome of the recent presidential election, it has already become clear that the fight for social justice will require more support than ever in the next four years. Although the entire LGBTQ community faces challenges to our rights and our humanity, the bisexual community remains particularly vulnerable when it comes to issues like healthcare access, discrimination, and anti-LGBTQ violence. Bi+ advocacy organizations like BiNet USA are also struggling to plan our work ahead, knowing that the current major disparities in funding bi-specific work will only become more severe as resources become scarce.

All of this is to say that we need your support more than ever. We are a volunteer-run organization, and while we will continue to donate our own time and resources, our programmatic work does cost money. Moreover, the bi+ community faces disproportionate levels of poverty compared to the gay and lesbian community, so we recognize how important it is to support each other and enlist help from our allies.

To that end, we are asking for your financial support in the form of a tax-deductible donation to BiNet USA. To make a one-time donation, go to binetusa.org/donate or send a check to:

4201 Wilson Blvd. #110-311
Arlington, VA 22203

Or donate online via Razoo or Paypal

(You will  find this link on The BiNet USA Blog)

BiNet USA depends on your donations to keep hope alive.


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