Tuesday, November 28, 2017

We Are The Bisexuals You've Been Looking For This #GivingTuesday

Supporting BiNet USA means supporting bisexual resistance to the erasure of bi+ people everywhere, while working to bridge divides across every intersection that bisexuals live, work, or love at. 

Recently BiNet USA organizers were honored to be mentioned in a stunning speech by Latinx actor/advocate Sara Ramirez, currently starring on CBS's  Madam Secretary (Sundays 10/9c).

Watch Sara's speech at the #Womens20 event with the NYC LGBT Center.

And don't miss this video of BiNet USA co-founder and Bi Women Quarterly editor Robyn Ochs introducing Sara!

BiNet USA VP Faith Cheltenham and BiNet USA co-founder Robyn Ochs with Latinx bi, pan, and queer actor/advocate Sara Ramirez

Thanks for sharing bisexual #givingtuesday images, memes, emails, tweets and posts far and wide this year in support of bi advocacy! 

Here's a few more to share featuring some of BiNet USA's best bi moments, and some of our historical figures, most outspoken advocates and closest accomplices.

This year's original BiNet USA artwork for #GivingTuesday is courtesy of Nerdscarf (they/them). #hireBTPOC

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

PRESS​ ​RELEASE No Homo No Hetero


November 14, 2017
H. Sharif “Herukhuti” Williams Co-Executive Producer nohomonohetero@gmail.com 917.403.0536

NEW YORK, NY/United States

$24,000 in four days of crowdfunding! Fresh off of a screening at the BECAUSE Conference in St. Paul, Minnesota, where they launched the crowdfunding campaign, the team of H. Sharif “Herukhuti” Williams and David J. Cork have raised $24,000 in four days for their documentary film project, No Homo | No Hetero: Sexual Fluidity and Manhood in Black America.
BiUs Entertainment (BiUS) and the Center for Culture, Sexuality, and Spirituality (CCSS) are producing the historic documentary on Black bisexual men. The film is being co-directed by Cork, co-founder and chief creative officer of BiUS, and founder and Dr. Herukhuti, chief erotics officer of CCSS.
The directorial team started filming this fall and have produced a work in progress trailer that is being screened at festivals and conferences. BiNet USA, Faith Cheltenham (yesblackpeople.com), National Black Justice Coalition, and Human Rights Campaign
Foundation helped finance the production of the trailer, which was a fellowship project Dr. Herukhuti completed at Third World Newsreel’s production workshop.
On Saturday, November 11th, they launched a crowdfunding campaign at https://igg.me/at/NoHomoNoHetero (Indiegogo) to finance the next phase of production, which will include filming bisexual men, their partners, and bisexual experts in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York City. The following organizations have already pledged support: BiNet USA,
Bisexual Organizing Project, and National​​ LGBTQ Task Force.
No Homo | No Hetero will explore the complexities, challenges, and beauty of being Black, bisexual and male in the United States. Through interviews, performance art, and archival footage, the feature-length, experimental docu-poem invites the audience to explore the politics of living and loving authentically at the contentious intersection of racism, biphobia, and toxic masculinity.
H. Sharif “Herukhuti” Williams, PhD, MEd, a longtime activist, educator, scholar, and artist, was one of the co-organizers of the 2015 White House Bisexual Community Policy Briefings. His anthology, Recognize: The Voices of Bisexual Men was a five-time, Bisexual Book Awards winner and Lambda Literary Awards Finalist. David J. Cork, actor, director, and writer, is the co-founder and chief creative officer of BiUS Entertainment, a production company dedicated to providing content that showcases underrepresented minorities. His work on the hit web series,
Bi: The Webseries has been featured on Now This and in The Huffington Post and NBC OUT.  

Monday, September 25, 2017

From Out2Enroll- Keep the pressure up on #GrahamCassidy

Call to action via  @Out2Enroll

Hi folks - as always, thanks for everything you're doing! Busy, busy day on Graham-Cassidy - here's where we are: 
  • The only true current "no" vote is Sen. McCain. Sens. Paul and Cruz have said they'd vote no but they're actively negotiating to get more out of the bill, and we shouldn't count on them to save the day. We still haven't heard a "no" confirmation from Sens. Collins or Murkowski - signs indicate that Collins will vote no but we need to shore up her and Murkowski to get them to publicly commit to voting against the bill, especially as they're targeted with sweeteners. It's not over until it's over!
  • The Graham-Cassidy bill was rewritten overnight...to be even worse. Because of course it was. The bill sponsors rewrote parts of the bill last night to sweeten the pot for Alaska, Arizona, Kentucky, and Maine (to appeal to moderate senators + Paul) AND make it easier for states to waive consumer protections for people with preexisting conditions (to appeal to conservatives). The bill was already worse than prior repeal bills - and now it's worse than ever. 
  • A vote is expected as early as WednesdayAs of this email, we're still waiting on a skinny CBO score (just budget, no estimates on coverage losses or effect on premiums), and the Senate Finance Committee held a hearing today, with our amazing friends at ADAPT leading the protest. Sen. Strange is not expected to be back from Alabama until Wednesday so we don't expect a vote before then. As of now, Republicans in the Senate must pass a bill by September 30th to keep the ability to do so by a 50-vote margin. So this is the week: expect a vote between Wednesday and Saturday.
I know we're all exhausted with this fight but we've got to keep it up until October 1st - and here are some updated resources to help you keep doing just that. You can always use the SEIU call-in number (1-866-426-2631) and these hashtags (#KilltheBill #VoteNo #ProtectOurCare). Lots of options so please take your pick:
  • National HIV Call-In Day tomorrow. Our friends at AIDS United have organized this day of action for tomorrow (shareables and sample social media posts attached). Ask your networks to call using 1-866-246-9371. The goal is to get at least 2,000 calls in by September 26th - as of earlier today, there were only 47 calls. The number of callers is still way too low and we need to keep pushing for this one last week!
  • 1.4 million adults with disabilities would lose Medicaid under Graham-Cassidy. Show some solidarity with our friends at ADAPT (who showed up at the Senate Finance hearing) by highlighting CAP's new data on the impact of the bill on people with disabilities. Sample tweet below or retweet this or this:
    • NEW: At least 1.4 MILLION working-age people with disabilities would lose Medicaid under #GrahamCassidy https://t.co/CaxIfy7Zx0
  • Find an event here, even one for today! See what's happening in your area on the Families USA event tracker. If you're in DC, join the Speak Out Rally hosted by Save My Care (and many other partners) - it's tomorrow at 3pm ET, area 9 at the Capitol. 
Overall, we've got to keep making noise and keep the pressure up until September 30th. After that, we'll turn back to our regularly scheduled open enrollment programming - so please stay tuned for that!

Thanks for everything you're doing (truly!) and keep it up!

Action Alert Tweets

·         32 million people could lose insurance under #GrahamCassidy! We've Got to #KillTheBill! https://buff.ly/2hfwKre
·         Tell your Senator: #GrahamCassidy is a nightmare for people living with HIV! #ProtectOurCare https://buff.ly/2hfwKre
·         #GrahamCassidy is the latest attack on health care and must be defeated! #KillTheBill https://buff.ly/2hfwKre
·         Action Alert! #GrahamCassidy guts Medicaid. Tell your Senators to #ProtectOurCare by voting NO https://buff.ly/2hfwKre
·         Take action: together we can save health care! #HIVResists #GrahamCassidy https://buff.ly/2hfwKre
·         #GrahamCassidy is an attack on the health of all Americans, including people living with HIV! #ProtectOurCare https://buff.ly/2hfwKre
·         Tell Congress: We won’t let people with HIV be denied coverage because of their status with #GrahamCassidy https://buff.ly/2hfwKre
·         ACTION ALERT: Tell Congress that #GrahamCassidy hurts people w/chronic conditions including HIV! https://buff.ly/2hfwKre
·         Together we can save the #ACA from #GrahamCassidy! Take action https://buff.ly/2hfwKre
·         Tell Congress: block granting or per capita caps on Medicaid shortchanges ppl living w/ HIV. #GrahamCassidy https://buff.ly/2hfwKre
·         Tell Congress: health care cannot have a last-minute fix #GrahamCassidy https://buff.ly/2hfwKre
·         Action Alert! #GrahamCassidy would cut up to 34% of health care spending. Tell Congress that #ACA is worth saving. https://buff.ly/2hfwKre
·         #GrahamCassidy allows states to gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions. #ProtectOurCare https://buff.ly/2hfwKre
·         Senators are trying to repeal the #ACA & replace it with #GrahamCassidy - a nightmare for people living w/HIV https://buff.ly/2hfwKre
Learn more at:Out2Enroll.org