Sunday, January 29, 2017

#CC17 Hospitality Suite Photo Blast

Ah Beautiful Philadelphia...
2011-11-14 20.39.15.jpg
Philadelphia City Hall
Photo Credit: Lynnette McFadzen

Many exciting things happened at Creating Change this year in Philadelphia.
Here are a few highlights from The Bisexuality Hospitality Suite.

2011-11-14 20.30.00.jpg
Lots of fun activities including Decorate your own cupcakes!
(Pictured-Cupcake with frosting and sprinkles)
Photo Credit: Lynnette McFadzen

The Suite was decorated with many wonderful flags that represented our wide array of identities
(Pictured- Janice Rael at food table with back drop of Asexual and Bisexual flags)

2011-11-14 18.02.23.jpg
Lots of materials and resources were available for attendees
(Picture-Brown bureau with a variety of small flags, pamphlets, cards, etc.)
Photo credit: Lynnette McFadzen

And yes The BiCast hung around too!
(Picture-The BiCast Banner taped to the TV)
Photo credit: Lynnette McFadzen

2011-11-14 18.03.16.jpg
The Suite’s Agenda of Activities
Photo Credit: Lynnette McFadzen

2011-11-16 22.12.29.jpg
The staff of The Bi+ Hospitality  Suite
(Left to right)
Janice Rael (Suite Lead) Malik ( Bloomberg College) Stacy Rose (BiNetUSA) Yaowen Deng
And the fabulous volunteer in the orange shirt, Emmy Morse (Suite Lead)
Photo Credit: Lynnette McFadzen

From Janice Rael, Core Organizer:
“The members of the Bisexuality+ Hospitality Suite of CC17
would like to thank our suite wranglers from the Task Force and all of
the amazing volunteers who helped keep our room well-stocked, clean,
and inviting, We fed hundreds of people and we had fantastic
conversations and a lot of fun with all of them. The Bi+ Suite Host
Committee members thank everyone who helped make our suite fabulous
for the members of the Bi, Pan, Ace, and other queer communities who
came to relax and eat with us. It was truly a wonderful experience.”

There were many great workshops focused on non-monosexuality this year.
And a wonderful Day Long Institute focused on intersectionality.
You can find a full list here