Thursday, January 19, 2017

Welcome Home Lynnette McFadzen, BiNet USA President

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January 19, 2017
Photo Caption: Lynnette McFadzen and Eliot Sutler, Esq at Bisexual Community Briefing at The White House 2016

Hello Everyone,

Thank for your support! Past, present. and future! I have confidence the following year will bring an increase in our board diversity and stronger infrastructure for our organization. I believe these two things are interdependent on each other. I am also excited about the possibility of facilitating a bisexual conference on the West Coast. I really look forward to bringing this to fruition.

There are challenges this year that we have not faced in a long time. The political climate requires us to be vigilant and aware. Now, the phrase “nose to grindstone” is even more appropriate. Let’s pledge to fight biphobia, transphobia, racism, classicism, ableism, and ageism at every turn. We are in this together. There is strength in numbers.

We must also continue our fight to change our staggering statistics. I am confident that by academics and non-academics working together, we can achieve this.

Remember: We are not wrong. We are not broken. We are not alone. We are human beings. We are bisexual+.

Much love and respect,

Lynnette McFadzen
President, BiNet USA