Friday, March 10, 2017

BiNet USA Proudly Welcomes New Board Member Eliot Sutler

BiNet USA is proud to announce it’s newest board member
Join us in welcoming…

Eliot Sutler
[Image: Eliot Sutler]

Eliot Sutler is an outstanding asset to our board and the entire bisexual+ community

Eliot is a civil rights attorney and Black bisexual activist. Recently Eliot co-led the Bisexual Institute at Creating Change, moderated/spoke on the 2016 BiPoC panel at the White House and spoke on the 2016 Bi Week Capitol Hill panel. In addition Eliot founded the Bisexual Women of Color Collaborative in the DC metro area.

Photo Caption: BiNet USA President Lynnette McFadzen and Eliot Sutler, Esq at Bisexual Community Briefing, The White House 2016

Eliot’s hopes and dreams for the future of BiNet USA and the bisexual+ community:

“I'd like BiNet USA to work intentionally and directly toward the liberation of black and brown bisexual people, centering trans/femme people, and actively root out the pervasive white supremacist attitudes rampant in bi organizing spaces”