Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Share your bisexual+ health story with Center For American Progress

As bisexuals+ we face unique health disparities and health care coverage is essential to our survival. Many of the issues we face can fall under “preexisting conditions” from heart disease to depression. With already high statistics what can we do to prevent stats from rising? Share your bisexual+ health story to be heard.

Center for American Progress (CAP) is collecting personal stories from people about what the ACA means to them and their families and how they would be harmed if the laws preventinexexperience 

 To share your story go to: ACAWORKS

From Nevada, Arizona, West Virginia, Maine, and Iowa? CAP would love you to share your story about what the ACA aka Obamacare has meant to you. Please share with others who can spread the word about the site!