Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Vote for the Bi Series!!

The Bi Series/ LGBT Foundation

Please vote for The #BiSeries as Team of The Year in LGBT Foundation's Volunteer Awards! This will really help us get us get funding for a Bi Programme next year. Share!

The Bi Series Team

The Bi Series is the only bi-specific project run by LGBT Foundation and the only year-long bi project run by an LGBT charity in the UK, and it's run entirely by volunteers. Thanks to the bi advocates and activists on this team, bi community members have a safe space where they know they will be welcome. So far, this project is run with no funding. Bi Series volunteers have called in favours from other members of the bi community to run these events, and people have travelled from all over the country to attend them. Our big launch event sold out and we are hoping even more people come to the Bi Takeover For Pride on 19th August. Our next event is about bi wellbeing and it's on 17th June.

Photo: Jen Yockney

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