Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Dec. 15th is Your Last Chance to Get Health Insurance

Dec. 15th is Your Last Chance to Get Health Insurance

Do you need health insurance? This is your last chance to get covered for 2019.

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act (or “Obamacare”), more LGBTQ people have health insurance than ever before. We’ve made big gains, but all of that is at risk.


If you are uninsured, visit now to see if you qualify for lower premiums. More than 80% of people get a discount on their premiums, and most can find health insurance for $50 to $75/month. You won’t know if you qualify unless you shop.

Just make sure you do so before the final deadline on December 15th. If you do not get covered now, you may be locked out of health insurance until 2020.

Already covered? Then we need your help to spread the word. The Trump administration won’t lift a finger to help our community—so it’s on each of us to get the word out about the December 15th deadline. Post on social media, forward this email, and make sure your loved ones are insured.   

Don’t forget—the final deadline to enroll in health insurance is December 15, 2018.

Visit today and make sure you and your loved ones #GetCovered.
To learn more, visit Out2Enroll, the national campaign to empower LGBTQ individuals and communities to get access to health care.

Monday, December 03, 2018

Biphobia in the healthcare system is killing us

Biphobia in the healthcare system is killing us
By Dr. Beth Sherouse, BiNet USA Secretary

As bi+ community advocates, we’re often asked what “bi issues” are, exactly—what are the unique challenges that bi people face and where do we see the consequences of biphobia taking a toll on our lives. If there’s one issue that affects the bi+ community the most, it’s our health.

To put it bluntly, biphobia in the healthcare system is killing us. Compared not only to non-LGBTQIA+ people, but also to cisgender gay men and lesbians, bisexual people have significantly higher rates of a range of serious health problems. Moreover, we face serious obstacles in our attempts to access culturally competent and affordable health care.

As we rapidly approach the December 15th deadline for open enrollment in the Affordable Care Act, this issue is particularly pressing. According to a 2015 survey, while lesbian and gay respondents were uninsured at a slightly lower rate than their heterosexual counterparts, bisexual people were less likely to be insured than either group. Additionally, while only 7% of lesbian/gay and heterosexual respondents reported that they had not obtained medical care in the previous year due to cost, 16% of bisexual people reported the same.

We also know from earlier research that bi+ people are much less likely than gay men and lesbians to disclose our orientation to our medical providers, which means that when we do manage to overcome our disproportionately high poverty and lower rates of insurance coverage, we aren’t getting the culturally competent care we need to have healthy lives.

BiNet USA works to educate bi+ communities about the importance of critical programs like the Affordable Care Act in part because so many bi, pan, fluid, queer and no-labeled people report astronomically high rates of poor health. For more information or to enroll in health insurance coverage before the December 15th deadline, visit

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

#Bseen - Campaign for Bi+ Visibility Media Release

Australia's new #BSeen Campaign Participants

Media Release

#BSeen - National Campaign for Bi+ Visibility

Bi+ visibility matters. #Bseen.

What: National campaign launch for bi+ visibility
When: 1 November 2018
Where: Australia

Sydney, Australia: From November 1st 2018, people across Australia are working
to raise visibility and awareness of the bi+ community.

Current research indicates that there is a far higher prevalence of poor mental
health in the bisexual population than in lesbian, gay, or straight communities.
Significant factors contributing to poor mental health outcomes include
discrimination and a lack of social acceptance, even within LGBTQIA+ spaces.

“The Bseen Campaign aims to raise the profile of our bi+ community.
We are here and we matter” said Sydney Bi+ Network founder, Amber Loomis.

The campaign is being driven by Bi+ groups across Australia, including the
Sydney Bi+ Network, the Melbourne Bisexual Network, Bi-Alliance Victoria,
Bisexual Community + Perth and Bi+ Australia.

The organizations have come together as they believe it is time to address
the lack of visibility and significant mental health issues the Bi+ community

“Over half of the Bi+ community are yet to have ‘come out’. You never know
how much support from the wider community could mean to someone in this
position. It is my hope that through raising visibility of the bi+ community, people
will feel more comfortable accepting and sharing that part of themselves” said 
Bree Mountain, one of the individuals behind the #Bseen campaign.

Organizers urge those who want to participate to take a selfie using the hashtag
#Bseen or post a video talking about their experience of being bi+. 
Allies are encouraged to show their support using the hashtag #WeSeeYou.

For more information visit

Media inquiries, interviews and further enquiries please contact :

I'm ready to #Bseen

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Important Tools for Bi+ Familes From Family Equality Council

A Great opportunity to build community and family resources!

Family Equality Council is very excited to announce the launch
of our National Network of LGBTQ Family Groups!

The National Network aims to empower, educate, and support LGBTQ family groups
and community leaders by:

Connecting members
Offering them a platform to share challenges and successes
Providing training and technical assistance
Creating access to free resources
Offering mentorship
Providing mini-grants.

Almost 40 groups across 22 states have already joined our network!
Have you ever considered starting a group?
Do you currently run a group or work with a community agency or center
who offers family programming?
If so, consider joining our National Network of LGBTQ Family Groups.

Membership is FREE with no requirements or commitments.

You will have access to:

·         Lunch and Learns
·         Quarterly meetings
·         Downloadable Resources
·         Networking Opportunities
·         Group listing in the Network directory and map
·         Mini-grants
·         Mentorship opportunities
·         Virtual trainings

P.S. If you're thinking about starting a Family Group and need help getting started,
we have a free toolkit full of ideas and tips.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Bi+ Memes 2018!!

It’s #BiWeeK!
Once again we share Bisexual+ memes for our community!


Credit: Heron Greenesmith

and more to come!