Monday, February 26, 2018

Remembering Dr. Ibrahim Farajajé

Dr. Ibrahim Farajajé was a scholar, organizer, advocate, leader, teacher, theorist, and, perhaps, above all, beloved to many. Dr. Farajajé grew up in Berkeley, California in a neighborhood he described as religiously, ethnically, economically and racially diverse. It was this upbringing that helped Farajaje establish an early curiosity for life beyond binaries. A Black bisexual icon, he paved a way for many of us to understand exactly who we are outside of theories steeped in colonization. Never shy about explaining why his agency in choosing how to self identify (or not!) was was so important, Dr. Farajajé broke binaries, boundaries and defied expectations and norms throughout his life.

“That has been a recurrent theme in my life, that things that appear to be in opposition often are not in radical opposition to each other, he stated to in 2012.

His leading activism and theories around decolonization, queer identity, bisexuality and spirituality all display how Dr. Farajajé cut a forward thinking path through stagnant social theory that failed to deconstruct harmful paradigms into new philosophies that influenced an entire generation. His trailblazing work belongs within the family of other cherished Black bisexuals that includes Audre Lorde and June Jordan.

Two years ago Dr Farajajé transitioned from this life. A member of many communities, the impact of his death was immediate and immense. A constant teacher, he left a treasured body of work and cherished relationships through which his work, life and legacy carry on through today. Throughout his life, Dr Farajajé was always clear about where he stood and sharing his gifted perceptions in ways that made us all understand where we stood a little bit better. His influence on both our minds and heart is immeasurable and ongoing. As we take time today to remember him always we gives thanks for a life filled with wonder, learning, teaching and love.

Rest in Power, Dr. Ibrahim Baba. We love you.

Dr Ibrahim Farajajé

"We are taught we have to be one thing. 
Now people are finding 
they don't have to choose."' 

Dr. Ibrahim Farajajé 

Flowers at Farajajé's final resting place

Flowers from friends for our dear Ibrahim Farajajé