Wednesday, November 28, 2018

#Bseen - Campaign for Bi+ Visibility Media Release

Australia's new #BSeen Campaign Participants

Media Release

#BSeen - National Campaign for Bi+ Visibility

Bi+ visibility matters. #Bseen.

What: National campaign launch for bi+ visibility
When: 1 November 2018
Where: Australia

Sydney, Australia: From November 1st 2018, people across Australia are working
to raise visibility and awareness of the bi+ community.

Current research indicates that there is a far higher prevalence of poor mental
health in the bisexual population than in lesbian, gay, or straight communities.
Significant factors contributing to poor mental health outcomes include
discrimination and a lack of social acceptance, even within LGBTQIA+ spaces.

“The Bseen Campaign aims to raise the profile of our bi+ community.
We are here and we matter” said Sydney Bi+ Network founder, Amber Loomis.

The campaign is being driven by Bi+ groups across Australia, including the
Sydney Bi+ Network, the Melbourne Bisexual Network, Bi-Alliance Victoria,
Bisexual Community + Perth and Bi+ Australia.

The organizations have come together as they believe it is time to address
the lack of visibility and significant mental health issues the Bi+ community

“Over half of the Bi+ community are yet to have ‘come out’. You never know
how much support from the wider community could mean to someone in this
position. It is my hope that through raising visibility of the bi+ community, people
will feel more comfortable accepting and sharing that part of themselves” said 
Bree Mountain, one of the individuals behind the #Bseen campaign.

Organizers urge those who want to participate to take a selfie using the hashtag
#Bseen or post a video talking about their experience of being bi+. 
Allies are encouraged to show their support using the hashtag #WeSeeYou.

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