Friday, September 27, 2019

BiNet USA President thefayth/Faith Cheltenham statement on loss of bi teen #ChanningSmith


We have lost another one and may his loss not B in vain: remember his name, #ChanningSmith

When I needed support I called my local LGBT center and actually got some, but that’s not always the case. Drop your best helplines, tips, memes and things in comments. Might be what helps you: helps others too.

If you need something let us know that too, and we will see what we can do to provide direct support to bi people about to not make it, in need of immediate rescue and more.

Unpaid marketing support for YOUR bi group, event, or fundraiser? Not so much when there’s still so much on the line to create critical interventions for our people.

Couldn’t get to Channing Smith but I’m hopeful we start to see a decrease of all our inequity as we hoist up our pressing concerns to mainstream tables, health groups and more - with LGBTQIA support to do just that.

Remember them all: Alyssa Adam Channing and every one we couldn’t get to. From my personal spiritual background I believe they become bi ancestors who have our back as we climb hand and hand up to our next. I pray blessings upon their souls.

What is it worth to b visible if to be seen remains a death sentence? Visibility without intervention is death ya'll.

Call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline, when you need to.


Does that mean you dont come out to these people, those folks, at work or wherever? MAYBE. I think you should do what's safest first and then finding yourself still alive, continue onward to further shores.

If it starts going wrong, call upon BiNet USA as we are one of the only groups in the world that regularly directly intervenes on the behalf of bisexual lives. Please tell pansexuals and all MGA that they are also quite welcome.

Only gay groups push a philosophy that bi people need be OUT and VISIBLE to be seen and accepted. Here you matter just for calling yourself part of our community, that's what counts so very much: self-identification and respect for your own journey.

H/T to Lynnette Beth Mcfadzen to alerting me so I could share my thoughts on this tragic passing of a beloved bi+ teen. Remember their names and remember to support the work to #SaveTheBisexuals.

Whatever that looks like to you whether it's learning about and attending this year's BECAUSE conference, starting a new bi board game group or joining a nearbi AmBi - Your Bi Social Community chapter. While you're at it check out The BiCast for podcasts a plenty and food for bisexual souls. B safe and well.

~thefayth, Faith Cheltenham, BiNet USA President

More on Channing Smith from @aj_abell and Fox17

Call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline, when you need to.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Bisexual People of Color flag

About Bisexual Awareness Week

An extension of Celebrate Bisexuality Day, held every September 23rd, Bisexual Awareness Week (#biweek) works to accelerate the cultural acceptance of bisexual people.

Bisexual community offerings from BiNet USA organizers over the last 20+ years:

  • The bisexual pride flag
  • Celebrate Bisexuality Day, also known as Bi Pride Day
  • Bisexual Awareness Week (#biweek,

Thank you to the many communities and organizers who have adopted and widely shared our work.
Much more to come!

  NEW FOR 2019
The Bisexual People of Color flag

About the Bisexual People of Color Pride Flag

Inspired by the intersectional advocacy of bi Latinx artivist Sara Ramirez, BiNet USA presents the bisexual people of color pride flag. The Black, Brown, Pink, Purple and Blue #bipoc bi people of color flag is a creation of thefayth, or the artist formerly known as Faith Cheltenham.

thefayth amended the design of Wendy Curry, Gigi Raven Wilbur and Michael "Page”, the BiNet USA organizers who designed the bi pride flag in 1998 to feature the Black and Brown stripes from the 2017 Philly Pride flag. The Philly Pride flag, also known as the LGBT People of Color Pride flag, was first hoisted by Amber Hikes in Philadelphia. Join the movement for more visibility for LGBT people of color at: Graphic design: #biweek hashtag: #biPOC

Bisexual People of Color Pride Flag
 Bisexual People of Color Pride Flag was created by thefayth and BiNet USA is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International LicenseCreative Commons License

2019 #biweek social logo

Never Say Never: Juba's BiNet VP AND thefayth returns


Juba Joins BiNet USA as VP, and thefayth returns as President

BiNet USA is celebrating the return of thefayth, the writer/artist formerly known as Faith Cheltenham, as she returns to her former role as BiNet USA President.

BiNet USA is also pleased to announce the addition of Juba Kalamka to the BiNet USA board as VP, with a goal of becoming BiNet USA’s next President. Juba is a deeply valued Black bisexual organizer based in Oakland, CA who began his work in bisexual community as a staff writer and illustrator for the venerable bisexual news and advocacy magazine Anything that Moves in 1999.

Juba Kalamka, MFA, currently serves as an HIV Services Assistant Manager for St. James Infirmary, a peer-based non-profit organization serving Sex Workers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Also in new roles for 2019:
Denise Penn, MSW - BiNet USA Secretary
Lynnette McFadzen - BiNet USA Treasurer

The BiNet USA Board of Directors
thefayth, President
Juba Kalamka, MFA, Vice President
Denise Penn, MSW, Secretary
Lynnette McFadzen, Treasurer
Luigi Ferrer
Ron Suresha
Seth Fischer
and Dr. Brian Dodge