Monday, January 20, 2020

#BiMalawi - Help Save A Bi Refugee

This MLK day, help BiNet USA save a bi+ refugee in Malawi, Africa subject to daily attacks in the UN Malawi refugee camp. We may B his only hope.
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A has reported being denied services by gay led refugee orgs in Africa; no surprise. DM us if you think you can help in any way, especially if you have a friend in Malawi who can help, or even visit with A.

A reports feeling very alone, and there is so little in the world available to help him as a refugee who identifies as bi, and is openly shunned as a homosexual. Often this erasure of our experience; and dual discrimination goes unnoticed.

BiNet USA exists to put the world on notice that bisexual discrimination, gay or straight led, has no place in a world that celebrates and champions diversity.

If we raise enough funds, A might be able to get an X-ray to assess damage from his beatings, which might help further with asylum applications that BiNet USA team members are working to support him with.

We at BiNet USA know few in the world ever notice the plight of the bi refugee, let alone care about the disparities and difficulties bi refugees report at higher rates than their gay and straight counterparts.

Can you help us help A? We have sent $60 so far which allowed A to buy food after missing meals for several days due to fears of being attacked inside the Dzaleka camp in Malawi, Africa. Your donations can help A buy a flashlight so he’s safer at night, or more food so he’s able to remain healthy enough to keep running away from his attackers.

In Malawi, a US dollar goes very far. Thanks for considering donating the cost of a cup of coffee this week to A, it could very well mean the difference for his life.

Every bi life has worth; but often Black bi and African bi lives are considered with less worth than bi people who are white.

Be part of changing that with us today, and every day; in today’s world, only we bisexuals will save ourselves. Or, were you waiting for someone else to do it?

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This has been a message from thefayth, Faith Cheltenham, BiNet USA President.
All opinions represent my own.