Monday, March 23, 2020

Bisexuals Save The World

Bisexuals Save The World

In the spirit of keeping bisexuals alive; is being re-opened. It is administered, as it has been by the President of BiNet USA. Learn more about us at On we have groups too but you make the rules as long as you meet the guidelines of the terms of service, privacy policy and terms and conditions of our website. 

As anti-capitalists who seek to decolonize more movements in the spirit of Baba Ibrahim, BiNet Multicultural Network co-founder; myself and our board of directors wish you well, while at the same time we hope you remain aware of your privilege; including it seems, life itself.

Are you staying at home so the next 3 older ladies who get on your bus don’t die from a cold they’d never know you gave them? Are you de-prioritizing “white parties,” not thinking because you made it thru once, there’s less harm? Well spoiler; you may have just killed someone. That someone could be someone I love, or someone some person does! Did you hear we don’t know the realities of this infection, and until we do, we need to care for ALLl who could be harmed?

Know more about what this virus is, and be like the bisexuals of old; please get to work educating yourself and others about the Covid-19 disease and what other countries did in response to the coronavirus epidemic; much quicker than us. ‘Cause babies aren't still doing “social distancing” like we; not when bodies started to pile the earth. 

We have to work quicker, convince more faster and heed the call: every life matters; certainly yours, but is your life worth more than another when it’s your work, life, play vs. someone having entirely no more days? Surely this isn’t the time to turn your attention to doing things like selling your own steel straws, or launching a new business; not when Italy lost 624 in one day last week; not when a day a person has begun to die in New York and certainly not the night before Congress votes to or for any unemployment benefits!

“Those dead others” are expected to be living with HIV or AIDS, to be poor, to be older, and to have more health concerns; and all of them are a person, a someone one could call brother, mom, sibling, kin and/or animal companion.

Now then is the time to expand bisexually, the same concept, and same power that beats upon our skin: anyone, everyone, no one, as long as we are given CHOICE to decide that? In US, we bisexuals, pansexuals and fluid take pride. Especially now, and urgently NOW, is when we then jump in to protect; the weakest first because if that's not us, it could be, will be or was.

We #biplus know the power in strongly suggesting there is Error in putting the poorest last, instead of first. We must remember our history and the action we have taken to protest poor regard for life; it is the hallmark of a bisexuals work. And yet too little know how often the words of the CDC have meant high levels of death for us, and ONLY those reviled, stigmatized and misunderstood like us. Tell your friends that even during my Obama years the CDC fought ME tooth and nail to erase the word bisexual; to minimize our dead and never ever break us off a single bit of bread when it came to bisexual funding. 

The CDC got better absolutely indeed; in fact we even call some of them friend and queer colleague; but our history remains. Bisexual bones buried over decades with none to cry their name, or did I not throw my body into the streets of New York to stop WorldPride to hear Brenda’s name? Course I did, and to a number of white gay men in New York, “Brenda says hello!”

‘Cause #DemGays told her, told me, Sylvia and Marsha P.; that we belong and that they care, but when have they ever? Don’t you still see your name and your people not there, especially when someone is yelling trans and queer? We are not seen in LGBTQIA unless we bring hits, but believe me this, when we are sick they definitely won’t be visiting us; especially the many of us who are both bi, trans and queer.

Good thing we have strong levels of support from straight communities built over decades of engagement because each time we got left in the dust; 

didn’t I, 

didn’t you, 

and you there 

(points at a bisexual, a pan and all fluid folk) 

know exactly who to call who might care? 

Who could get us added to the right list, or next important call? 

Didn’t we sneak in there, sleep with a gay, a straight, make a new friend and find us a task force, a mailing list or an opportunity to further score points for “bisexual visibility”? 

Well then, get to it!

Wish I’d said goodbye to more people, but if I should go or you be taken; let it b known it has been a great honor to serve and continue to serve bisexually. Also, call someone, boo. Reach out to your list! And Black bisexuals, in the time of coronavirus, white allies are actually far more disposable than toilet paper; do adjust!

I, Faith Cheltenham, thefayth, President of BiNet USA now instruct you to take care, and at the same time, if you dare: get to work creating your own specific bisexual affirming supports, outreach and mechanisms that put communities DEEPLY IN NEED first. Straight and gay people may not be able to save themselves😂

First step is calling and emailing your reps, congresspeople, city officials, state government and asking where their LGBTQIA Covid19 task force is, or can they work with you to create one? We are often deeply affected first, so please remember to protect yourself and use diluted bleach or disinfectant in the protocol as described by Dr. Lauren Beach, especially when you do contactless work; and be sure to wear any type of gloves, masks or covering while outdoors. 

If you use google translate and read the media abroad we are days behind where other countries are; YET we are not following their guidelines for where we should be...based on where they are. Had our Italian friends message just TODAY in basic disbelief, but this all reminded me of a story, so lean in. 

Year was 2004, December and I was at my computer when a jolt hit me and slammed the door. A physical reality where for a half second literal reality seemed to shift. Me being me and a digital organizer for years at that point; I went to geological websites checking earth status.

I was also a super senior trying to ingest most of UCLA; so at that point was in an oceanography class and quickly realized “Oh NO; it’s a tsunami!”
But it was hours away from reaching land. 
So I tried to call hotels y’all, but what do you say? 

“Hi, I’m from a world away. 

The life you experience now is ending, can you hear what I say?”

And they really couldn’t, but I heard many scientists and others around the world tried the same that day. Maybe some got through. I know some did not die that day; there were many who lived! 

I hope now that you live, and me, and everyone; even those we don’t know. 
Or even like, I suppose. 

So here we will post opportunities to help if you’re still employed, have diapers, sanitary napkins, food, water, toilet paper, meds, and essential supplies. If you don’t? We want to hear about it, and see what we can do. Bi people of color, trans people of color, bi+ trans people of color to the front but everyone ask! May it B that all are able to receive what they need.

Join us @binetcollective on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with our work collectively; and you may see some of those members sharing or posting on our channels according to their capacity including straight allies, corporate sponsors, researchers, university types and badass biplus organizers among many old friends.

Please pay attention to your posts, here and everywhere; and center them on: 

-offering support; 

-sharing resources (less links, more money honey! or other ways to give)

-or asking for support including prayers 

(and virtual good vibes from those who don’t pray). 

We are in critical times; including #TeamBiNet with beloved elder and former BiNet USA President, Lynnette McFadzen’s own brother currently intubated with coronavirus symptoms; and unfortunately it doesn’t look well. Like many, Lynnette’s brother has underlying conditions that can make coronavirus a quick killer; but if you can’t breathe and you get to a hospital, you might live. 

We know that the virus lives for hours in the air; that’s why people in other countries wear masks. Other countries have real histories accepting science tho; pretty sure you know it’s been said “ours” just quite doesn’t. You tho, might.

Not suggesting stockpiling medical supplies; we are talking more like “avoid zombie breath levels of death” with simple tools like covered face and eyes. Bleach or disinfectant to decrease the harm; and consistent staying in to bring limit the spread of pandemic; possibly for some time. 

Two weeks ago I was the last person with a cart at my store in the Bay Area of California. Once the groceries limit customers, it seems current guidance is no carts for shoppers and no bags; so you’ll just be grocery shopping for essentials you can hold in your own hands. This in turn is leading to huge levels of purchasing and back ordering as people who can, stock up. 

We may not see an end to these shortages so supply experts suggest we’ll soon have tons of water, toilet paper and essentials but less of some food and packaged goods. Right now Amazon has some non essentials delivering in mid to late April, and I expect that to continue. Most delivery systems are overloaded; so even if you have money you may struggle to get food. With more intentional distancing, plus all the old bondage gear we put on while running out the door, we might just make it. While also popularizing collective care about infections!

I hope with global support this will get better in time but if you’re still figuring out how to spend your time please send me a DM and I’ll connect you to someone who needs your help right now. Lots to go around as we prepare for closures across the country for those not yet experiencing this; with reports that some cities may force homeless and housing insecure from their homes, and into housing to prevent further infection. When that day comes, where will you be? What will you be able to say you got done?

Oh my friends, my country-people, and all good humans: this could be quite a bit worse than a single catastrophic event, but perhaps if we all link virtual hands you’ll keep showing me the last 16 years of my life haven’t been a complete waste on time spent on your lives; instead of just mine. It was my birthday, 3/14/20, when I realized; I could stockpile and hide, or I could continue my work: make sure as many that can survive, and thrive. Not many full of sleep nights since.

At this point, I’m also giving serious consideration to also running for President, not just of BiNet USA, but for the entire “USA”. So catch me musing about how this epidemic would all b playing out different #IfthefaythWasPresident across social media. I’m looking at running in 2022; even to just get better bisexually relevant ideas out there.

Also, not entirely sure these people can save themselves or this world. And yet, doesn’t a dream remain, that this country might be free, for all, including you and me, entirely. 

Let us go and make it so. 

Happy Bisexuals Save The World Year, let’s go!

thefayth, Faith Cheltenham
BiNet USA President


Coronavirus BiCast from last week
(expect a new one with the Italians but also see above re: Lynnette)

“This Is Not A Snow Day”

Italy enacts further restrictions in desperate bid to slow spread of coronavirus - Mar 22, 2020

Human Rights Campaign coronavirus brief:

Monday, March 16, 2020

Twas the night before the coronavirus

Twas the night before the coronavirus
(non-Evangelism version)

Twas the night before the coronavirus was believed to be real, and all through the land slept people warm in their beds, soon to be dead. Twas the night before the coronavirus would make quite clear that wealthy, white and abled would be first to be tested; so all around the world, our most vulnerable plotted and planned, ready to make a stand.

Come bisexuals, come trans and pans, intersex and ace; onwards we will be the first out of the gate to educate: coronavirus is no scare, and not like any epidemic modern humanity has ever faced. Unlike other communities, we’re long prepared for government ill will, lack of attention, and callous disregard. We have been here before, and thus we are now better prepared!

Our ancestors died to build this country, and thus we stand tall.
Our ancestors were beaten, so we know this risk; and we know what it means to fall.
And because our ancestors have been here before, you know what it is to be called!

Stay ready, and onwards we go, amplifying and educating as we do, for if everyone stayed inside for 10 days or more, worldwide this epidemic would be stopped at the door!

Unfortunately for all of us, profit margins mixing with politics mean we are left on our own, before walls of zombies are knocking at the door; clutching nether regions hoping you’ve got a roll or three, because few companies are making any more.

For the coronavirus as it’s been so far reported, often includes gastric distress, and discomfort; and subsequent fecal matter is rich with the virus. So onwards, the coronavirus will spread. With less folks able to take care of wiping their arse, won’t we see even more graves in this tragic 21st century farce? 

For if Americans hadn’t argued for so long about Medicare for All, single options, privatized healthcare and other options for decades, wouldn’t millions now look forward to immediate and appropriate care? 

Instead onwards death will come, as all known hospital beds fill up by mid April, or possibly before; should be interesting to see scientists and academics in charge of questions like: 
car crash or coronavirus victim? Whose life support will they vote for? Whose GoFundMe will deserve funds more?

Twas the night before the coronavirus arrived in the minds of Americans, and took hold in a way that saved the lives of their grandmothers or their immunocompromised best friends. Unfortunately for them, many comments in social media make it harder to find correct info, consistently misinform and create a broad churn; when it’s your cities and states to which you should directly turn. 

Pay attention to Washington Governor Jay Inslee doing his best to #ShutItDown after infections ramp up in his state, or NYC’s Mayor DeBlasio trying to inform you that factories haven’t begun “wartime supply,”  meaning the supply chain we depend upon is deeply at risk as millions and millions begin to feel sick. 

Meanwhile limited control of public utilities will likely become of most pressing concern and as so many people stay home; imagine our power grid stressed like never before. I recommend solar chargers for everyone as we prep for the worst, including not having lighted streets, in this country and many communities, for the first time in centuries.

Twas the night before the coronavirus became established, entrenched and a great decolonizing force; for what better way to make clear who this country is meant for, and who it still leaves bleeding to death just inside it's own gates?

Know the struggle of our people: Black, Brown and Indigenous, across this country and around the globe, our fight does mirror each other in vision and in tone; for when the Amazon was burning, didn’t they raise money for Notre Dame, never thinking to send the very same to indigeneity? 

Know the reality of our time: if we work more and more as one, will the great fires in Australia forever only affect Aboriginal communities long decimated by white greed, or can we globally mob up to save every Black life? Now Is Not The Time To Assure Them white Lives!

Twas the night before the coronavirus was cancelled by a humanity engaged in global change to see every life matter; and not witness more of the same. “We love Americans,” the Italians, Giorgio and Sergio, said when they reached out online concerned that they saw so little in response on our shores; while they in Italy watched closely for death to knock violently on their door. 

Twas the night before you recognized the risk of the coronavirus, and made plans to stay inside and not leave the house for more than a dozen days. Please consider joining us at See if there’s a group you can join to help get going on global emergency response; doesn’t matter if you’re straight or gay; we hope for your survival as much as we make plans for our own.

Twas the night before the coronavirus was known in this land, and I know not everyone will make it; but thefayth is calling to tell you: do the very best that you can.

3/15/20, thefayth, Faith Cheltenham, BiNet USA President