Wednesday, April 15, 2020

BiNet is on Facebook

Check out BiNet on Facebook:

Its a global space for bisexuals soon to be administrated by a global team of bisexuals and our accomplices. And in the admin notes it reads DO NOT ADD CYNTHIA CONNORS AS ADMIN per board member suggestion; so thanks for following that guideline but we about to open the throttle up and make a space where every label, every nationality and every ask matters the very same.

This is the mission and this is the time; come thru and join us. Our work is absolutely not social media; but we use tools like that to generate reach. Get up with #BiNet board Faith Cheltenham Juba Kalamka Lauren Beach Denise Penn Ron J. Suresha and returning in emergency and temporarily fashion Lynnette Beth Mcfadzen. We move quickly and we drop weight, especially that doesn’t not serve all parts of our bisexual community.

While we have gratitude for all that has come before; it’s time to keep working on what it means to drive advocacy nationally and globally for the worlds most vulnerable from a bisexual perspective.

Your city doesn’t matter to us; neither do you personally, not as much as the collective of US; and the bodies that died before that drive us forward believing we can save even more of us.

So what are you doing for other bisexuals, for other humans, for those among us? How are you serving? Come thru to the new group and tell us. May send your need to a celeb or two who could help💜

Participate in spaces like our new one or places that are moderated well in your own city.

Avoid those spaces that suggest foreign faces don’t belong among American bisexuals. I ask you, who do you think will care for those unnamed bisexual dead but us? Please expand the capacity of your brain and open up; the call for bisexuals is a global one.

Can you hear me, can you hear them?
LGBT Refugee found dead from suicide outside UN Office, Kenya. Mon April 13th, 2020

H/t to our guy A who’s somewhere safe at the moment somewhere in Africa and sent this to me saying do they even care? And I know many people do; even in the time of the virus; I’m seeing many looking to the poorest and not just posting thirsty selfies.

Keep posting stuff to keep us alive; if you’ve got time on your hands *and can listen* get in touch with our group to connect with one of our depots, helpers, volunteers across the US, Hawaii and the world working on projects with us.

While you do thirsty selfies; gotta self care, especially right now!

Faith Cheltenham, BiNet USA President