Friday, May 01, 2020

About the bisexual pride flag...

About the bisexual pride flag...
A statement prepared by the board of BiNet USA.

 MYTH: The Bisexual Pride flag is open for use by everyone for any purpose, including the confederate flag.

FACT: The Bisexual Pride flag has been repeatedly misappropriated for commercial uses that are antithetical to the humanity of bi+ persons everywhere, such as imposing the Confederate flag “Stars and Bars” upon the Bisexual Pride flag. From “Bisexual Pride flag with the Confederate Stars and Bars superimposed on it. These colors run both ways!”

WHERE WE GO NEXT: On May 1st, 2020, the International Day of the Worker, BiNet USA, requests the removal of “bisexual confederate” flags, baby clothes, bibs, keychains, and other items from the internet. We direct others to participate by visiting to request the removal of items based on infringement.

 CLARITY CHECK: The bisexual pride flag is intended for bisexual community use. The community has long been able to utilize it for the creation of gifts and goods to help benefit ourselves and each other. BiNet USA continues to support the independent bisexual seller and is working to bring more bisexual products into market. We are currently advocating for bisexual sellers to have direct licensing relationships with corporations selling bisexual pride merchandise. We want to be clear: we are a nonprofit organization. We frequently donate our time and energy and promote others’ work without the aim to make any money personally. Even when we get paid, we consistently work overtime day after day. One way you can help is to support the advocacy of BiNet USA and our relationship building with bi+ sellers. You can also email us to get on our list to see more goods and products sold using BiNet USA outreach, networks, and support. Email with the subject line: Bi Products to join in.

MYTH: The bisexual pride flag was created by small-business owner Michael Page by himself. FACT: BiNet USA launched the bisexual pride flag on in 1998 as part of a two-year outreach effort that also included the creation of Celebrate Bisexuality Day. The co-creators of the Bisexual Pride flag are identified as: Wendy Curry and GG Raven Wilbur, also creators of Celebrate Bisexuality Day.

We are collecting video testimonials from the co-creators of the bisexual pride flag, the person who came up the idea (“Michael Page”) and from organizers who were active during the launch of the bisexual pride flag. We will release these videos, phone calls, and written records via our blog, Board member, professional author and editor, Ron Suresha, will help lead this effort which originated from an idea from a longtime bi community leader in Chicago, IL.

BiNet will present these interviews on social media and blog to ensure that the persons who contributed to the creation, development, and generation of the Bisexual Pride Flag have the opportunity to tell their origin story.