Friday, September 15, 2017

BiWeek 2017 “Our Past, Our Present and Our Future” Graphics by Elizabeth Beier

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Color graphic in pink, purple, blue and white with BISEXUAL AWARENESS WEEK SEPTEMBER 17-24 2017 (original graphic by Nikki Zang for 2015 campaign)

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Image: Purple background photo of  BiPOL founding organizer Lani Ka'ahumanu  wielding her "Bi-Phobia Shield" as she marches with her contingent in the 1984 Lesbian and Gay Freedom Day Parade
Caption: #BiWeek17 Honoring Our Past “It is through history we shape our future” L.McFadzen

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Image: Purple background of Sara Ramirez speaking at the Equality March 2017 in Washington DC
Caption: #BiWeek17 Acknowledging Our Present “We stood in Solidarity with you. We ask you stand in solidarity with us” GLAAD.ORG/BIWEEK BINET USA

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Image: Purple background with bisexual activist Miles The Bisexual leaning on a tree.
Caption: The bisexual activist community is filled with so many young, innovative minds begging for greater intersection and representation. They're gripping discourse by the horns and dissecting the nuances surrounding it. These youth are, as cliché as it sounds, our future.